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Cigar Rollers roll CF Dominicana cigars for Los Angeles area events
            Cigar rollers for your event need to be approachable, good looking, interactive, speak English fluently, look great in photos and of course rolled cigars. Often these other traits are forgotten as most inquires for events focus on the cigar roller only and forget about all these other necessities that are not realized until the day of your big event.  
Cigar Roller Los Angeles
Los Angeles Cigar Rollers, Explanation and Description, Cigar Catering®

CF Dominicana is a brand of cigars and not just of website. These cigar events also known as Cigar Catering® provides cigar servers, custom cigar bands, premium imported cigars and cigar rollers for Los Angeles, NewportBeach, Manhattan Beach, Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Irvine, Hermosa Beach, Pasadena, Southern California and new cities including San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The objective of the cigar roller events is not a revenue agenda rather, it is a promotional agenda. With each event where we bring this unique entertainment feature, new cigar lovers are being introduced to the "CF" brand and that is how we create a following. The comfort you have is knowing that there's a highly accountable and visible branding throughout the planning stages into event night.

This level of accountability is not found anywhere else except by Davidoff cigars as CF Dominicana and Davidoff are the only two cigar brands that provide cigar rollers for events.

CF Dominicana launched over 12 years ago with Los Angeles as one of the major markets to firmly embrace the company's trademark service called Cigar Catering®. The Los Angeles Tribune and other media outlets wrote feature articles which put the brand on the map in stores and Incorporated the brand into cigar lovers' lifestyles with other features such as custom cigar bands and cigar waitresses.

The cigar rollers however remain the most requested feature as many southern California events still have not experienced having a cigar rolled for them right in front of their eyes. A cigar rolling feature brings your event to another level and turns it into an experience.

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