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Cigar Rollers that are approachable, Speak perfect English, have great upscale presentation, artisans that you would like to have around your friends and family while rolling imported Dominican cigars by CF Dominicana. Golf Outings, Weddings, Corporate events expert planning with complete graphics design for custom cigar labels.

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Cigar Rollers Los Angeles

CF Events throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Laguna Beach and all of southern California have been complemented by cigar rollers for events by CF Dominicana Cigars.

The dominance of this imported Dominican brand has solidified the brand's presence not only in Los Angeles and southern California but to San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego and as far north is Napa. Upscale events such as weddings have become a common venue for cigar roller feature entertainment as well as custom cigar bands and cigar servers and all featuring premium imported Dominican cigars from CF Dominicana.

Custom cigar labels can be designed for each cigar presented at your event or a custom order can be generated which will provide you with cigars and the custom bands designed by our graphics designers specifically for you and delivered to your door in time for the Big Day.

Cigar servers are also available through the company's cigar catering department and features men or women cigar servers that will walk through the event area and serve your guests cigars while lending a visual that's pleasant and upscale to the entire event.

The cigars rolled that the events are all true Dominican cigars. This is something that is often overlooked by those inquiring however, this important fact should not be ignored. Cigars that are imported are superior as there exists no cigar brands made in the United States.

The dedication to making sure that the same product is available at the cigar roller events as well as the store shelves is paramount to the brand as these cigar events are the promotional feature to have the "CF" brand experienced by new cigar lovers not just in L.A. but the entire country. Cigar Rollers are now provided in 25 cities to remove travel costs.

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